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Chemistry Software for Windows chemical inventory specialists ChemSW Chemistry Software for Windows chemical inventory specialists
provider of chemical inventory managment systems and program software, MSDS systems and chemistry laboratory software.

Albany Molecular Research - AMRI Founded in 1991 as Albany Molecular Research, Inc., AMRI (NASDAQ: AMRI) provides scientific services, products and technologies focused on improving the ... 168 

Atomate Nanotube Synthesis and Nanowire Synthesis Components Atomate Corporation develops complete systems, innovative components, and critical materials optimized for the synthesis of nanowires and nanotubes. 152 

Chemical Abstracts Service Chemical Abstracts Service, CAS, is the producer of Chemical Abstracts, SciFinder, SciFinder Scholar, and co-partner in operating STN International, ... 148 

Chemistry Jobs Chemist jobs and pharmaceutical jobs: find yours here! Someone's looking for a postdoc chemist, or there's a vacancy pharmaceutical with your name on it! 377 A resource for chemistry and chemical applications, including databases, publications, career information and educational resources. 195 

Fluorous Technologies, Inc. Learn more about fluorous technology and how it can help you to save time and money. 143 

Greeley Center for Independence The Greeley Center for Independence provides places of growth, transition and encouragement, where people with temporary and permanent disabilities can reach toward their maximum potential of personal independence and wellness. 142 

Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria To recreate situations around us that will impact positively on the nation while providing professional protection to its members 190 

International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development (IOCD) International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development - Supporting international collaboration in the chemical sciences to benefit the health, 290 

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry The world authority on chemical nomenclature, terminology, standardized methods for measurement, atomic weights and other critically evaluated data. 161 

Lanxess Germany. Multi-national manufacturers of chemicals and intermediates, engineering plastics and performance rubber. Processing chemicals for the man-made ... 148 

Penreco Producer and marketer of white mineral oils, petrolatums, high-purity specialty hydrocarbon fluids, natural petroleum sulfonates, and cable-filling 145 

Polymer Chemistry Manufactures polymer products which include aquazol polyethyloxazoline, macromonomers and custom synthesis capabilities. 151 

Royal Society of Chemists RSC is 162 

South African Chemical Institute SACI, the official professional institute for chemistry in South Africa. 290 
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