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Date: 2010-08-30 10:39:59

The Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria (ICCON) is to commence the conduct of membership qualifying exams for its prospective members with effect from the current year (2010).
To this end, the Education and Training (E&T) Committee of ICCON Governing Council is already putting finishing touches to the course materials (modules) needed for the commencement of the exercise.
Some of the courses on which prospective ICCON members would be examined include Principles of Chemical Management, Production & Quality Assurance Management, Chemistry and National Economy, Modern Methods of Chemical Analysis, Principles of Environmental Impact Analysis, Project Management and Business Law.
The modules would be made available in hard copies to candidates well ahead of the scheduled examination dates. Details of examination and induction fees are to be communicated to candidates in due course.
The maiden examination was tentatively fixed for September this year, and is scheduled to take place simultaneously in three centres across the country. It is to be coordinated by members of the E&T Committee working with other assigned ICCON members. The names of examination centres are to be communicated to candidates in due course.
Consequently, the induction of successful candidates was also tentatively slated for November.
In the light of the foregoing, the Institute requires candidates to include in their application forms submitted to the Secretariat, clearly written and functional e-mail addresses, in addition to postal addresses and phone numbers.  
Details of the qualifying examination and subsequent induction ceremony would be pasted on the ICCON Website in addition to national dailies.
 Candidates are also advised to send enquiry e-mails to or to keep abreast of further developments.
With this development, a turning point would be attained in the life of the Institute, in view of the fact that previous inductions into ICCON membership did not involve examinations, but were based on assessment of the nature and duration of working experience in Chemistry-related practice.

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