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The Governing Council is the apex decision-making organ of the Institute. The Council thus makes rules and regulations by which the Institute is run.

The Council currently has four working Committees that carry out more specific functions on behalf of the Council. Resolutions reached by the said committees are subject to ratification by the Council.


1.    Finance and General Purpose Committee
2.    Education and Training Committee
3.    Membership Committee
4.    Regulatory Committee

Below is a list of the newly elected Council Members:

S/N    NAME                                                POSITION
1.    Prof. Felix E. Okieimen                    President / Chairman of Council
2.    Prof. Shettima A. Saidu                   Vice President
3.    Prof. Abdullahi A. Zuru                   Immediate Past President
4.     Mr. Thankgod A. Aaron                   Member
5.    Prof. Oluwole B. Familoni                Member
6.    Mrs. Winifred N. Kwazu                  Member
7.    Mr. Majek O. Owoo                           Member
8.    Prof. Jonathan M. Nwaedozie          Member
9.    Mrs. Aishatu A. Bashir-Shehu          Member
10.    Prof. Yilkur N. Lohdip                   Member
11.    Mr. Samuel O. Akpa                        Member
12.    Mr. Wilford Z. Jwalshik                  Member   
13.    Prof. Babagana Kolo                       Member
14.    Mr. Martins D. Amaefule                 Rep. FMOH
15.    Mrs. Fowotade M. Kujore               Ag. Registrar / Secretary to Council








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