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ICCON Library is special research library which specializes in Chemistry and other Chemlstry related disciplines such as Biochemistry, Agricultural science, Science Laboratory Technology etc.

Books and CD Roms are available in the library for users. Other facilities such as access to chemistry and chemistry-related data bases are also available which are in turn given to the Information centre users who are into research and other related endeavours


The Institute also has an Electronic Library on this portal which is accessible only to chartered members.


ThesE sites are free data base for Chemist and Chemistry related disciplines. It will help members in their research work. 







  • Advanced Chemistry - Michael Clugston , Rosalienst Flemming
  • Biochemistry - Donald Voet & Judith G Voet
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry (Life at molecular level)- Donald Voet, Judith G. Voet                                                                                         
  • Biochemistry - Campbell Farrell

  • Chemistry for Today - Spencer L. Seager, Michael R Slabaugh
  • Super Molecular Biology(concepts & perspectives) - Jean-Marie Lohn
  • Environmental Chemistry - S.C. Bhatia
  • Further Advanced Chemistry - B Earl & LDR Wilford
  • Principles of Modern Chemistry - Oxtoby,Gullis,Nachtrieb
  • Chemistry - John Mc Murry & Robert C. Fay
  • Dean’s Analytical Chemistry Handbook - Pradyot Patnaik
  • Standard Methods For Water - C.M.A. Ademoroti
  • Calculations For A Level Chemistry - Nelson Thornes
  • Formulation & Manufacturing Technology of Cleaning Agents - E.U. Emovon & E.L. Gold
  • Introduction To Advanced Chemistry - B.Earl & LDR Wilford
  • Chemistry For Advanced Level - Peter Cann & Peter Hughes
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry - David E Goldberg
  • Principles Of General Chemistry - Sillberberg
  • Chemistry - Raymond Chang
  • Fundamentals Of Analytical Chemistry - Skoog, West, Holler, Crouch
  • Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity - Kotz, Treichei, Weaver
  • General Chemistry - Whitten, Davies, Peck Stanley
  • The Chemistry Of Everything - Kimberly Waldron
  • The Practice Of Chemistry(A Class test Edition) - Donald J Wink, Sharon Fetzer Cusalson    
  • Fundamentals Of Organic Chemistry - Mc Murry/Simanek
  • Organic Chemistry - Solomon & Fryhle
  • Chemistry Principles and Reactions - Masterton & Hurley
  • General Chemistry; The Essential Concepts(Problem Solving work - CHANG                              
  • Organic Chemistry - Francis A Caney
  • Organic Chemistry - Stanley H Pine
  • Basic Organic Chemistry - Osutogun, Familani ALO
  • Condensed Chemical Dictionary - J L Sharma, Nand Kishone Gang, P L Buldene
  • General Chemistry (The essential Concepts) - Raymond Chang
  • Dictionary Of Chemistry - H Jikhan, Ms Sharma Khan
  • Fundamentals for Phenomenological Study of Chemistry - Frits H Julius
  • A Textbook of Physical Chemistry - K K Sharma, L K Sharma   
  • Chemistry (Molecules, Matter & Change) - Peter Atkens, Loretta Jones   
  • Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlato - Thomas M Delvin
  • Chemistry(The molecular Nature of Matter and Change) - Spilberg
  • Chemistry In Context - Graham Hill, John Holman
  • Organic Chemistry - Joseph M Hornback
  • Biochemistry - Jenemy M Burg,John L Tymocrko,Lubert Styler
  • Introduction To Polymer Chemistry - Charles E Carruher Jr.
  • Introduction To Chemical Principles - Stephen Stoker
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