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Institute Of Charterd Chemists Of Nigeria

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Membership Renewal

Annual Dues are applicable to all categories of members, except the Honorary Fellows. The dues for each category of membership are determined by the Council and are renewable annually.

Renewal of Membership
Members of the Institute are required to renew their membership by satisfying the criteria set by the Governing Council. Such criteria include the payment of annual dues and attendance to the Institute’s Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) training programmes. The minimum frequency of attendance at the MCPD programmes required for continued validity of membership is determined by the Council from time to time.  

ONLINE PAYMENT: Payment for due or any form of subscription can be done electronically through the ICCON dedicated account. The detailed information is available at the headquarters.

Members who have been formally inducted into ICCON are required to renew their membership by satisfying the criteria set by the council. Some of the principal criteria are:-

(1)    Payment of annual dues: This is done yearly and the amount paid by each category of membership is determined by the Council from time to time. The Secretariat usually sends out notices for this payment to the members via e-mail and sms. Suffice it to say that the maintenance of functional e-mail addresses and phone numbers by members makes for easy communication with the Secretariat on issues of interest.

The dues for the different categories are as follows:

1.  Fellows:                              20,000:00       Click To Pay Online

2.  Members                            10,000:00       Click To Pay Online

3.  MCPD FEES                       30,000:00       Click To Pay Online

4. MCPD FEES (Non-Members)                         40,000


OTHER PAYMENT                   Click to make other payments           

Online Payments

 Fellows:   20,000:00  Click To Pay Online
 Members: 10,000:00  Click To Pay Online
 MCPD FEES: 30,000:00  Click To Pay Online  




For you to be able to use the online payment facility, you need the following:

1)                  A debit Card e.g  Master or Verve Card

2)                  The Card must be activated for online payment

3)                  A laptop or system connected to the internet

4)                  Your ICCON Membership Number

5)                  Print Receipt


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Manage Payments


Direct Bank Payments

Payments should be made through ICCON account with the following particulars:

Name of Bank:                UBA Herbert Macaulay Branch

Account Number:            1017354658

Account Name:               ICCON IGRII

It should be noted that the above dues took effect from 2011 and are subject to changes as may decided at the Institute's AGBM.

(2)    Participation at ICCON-Organized Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) programmes: Such trainings, among other things, are meant to keep members abreast of current trends in the world of chemistry and acquire new professional knowledge and skills for capacity building and entrepreneurship.


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