For you to able to use the online payment facility, you need the following:

1)                  A debit Card e.g  Master or Verve Card

2)                  The Card must be activated for online payment

3)                  A laptop or system connected to the internet

4)                  Your ICCON Membership Number

5)                  Print Receipt


Step 1:

            Log on to ICCON Homepage: OR as shown below;


Step 2:

            On the home page, click the link “Renew Your Membership” and a new page will be displayed as shown below;



               On the new page displayed above, click on the category to which payment is to be made i.e 

               'Fellows' or ‘Members’, putting in mind the appropriate dues for which payment is to be made.

Step 3:   

                 A new page will be opened upon choosing the category to which payment is to be made as shown below:



Fill in the details as displayed on the new page while choosing your appropriate bank credit card provider and click on the link ''Renew Membership”.


Step 4: Follow the instructions to complete your payment.


Step 5: Print receipt.